Instaphone - A new Gen Voice invitation & Greetings App

Instaphone is  next gen voice invitations and greetings mobile app. This app provides common man the power of voice call broadcast. One can record his voice message/greeting on this app ,select background music from app library and broadcast  to all contacts at once. Also user can choose SMS card option to send google map location of venue along with date and time.

Marriage Invitation Message

Inviting your contacts for Marriage is now very simple. Just record your message in your own voice, add some background music , choose contacts and send . Yes, this is very simple.

Social Gathering Invitations

Any gathering needs a lots of time in inviting your friends. You can now do the same through Instaphone in just few minutes.

Urgent Message Communication

If you want to communicate something important to your friends and you don't have much time, you can reply on this app and can communicate your message to everyone. So don't worry in case you have to cancel some event , just try instaphone calling.

Festival Greeting Messages

Now you can send your wishes to all your friends or relatives through your personalized voice and with appropriate light music in background. Don't wait to impress everyone with latest technologies.

Feel the Power of Instaphone

1.  Record message in any language.

2. Add a smooth background music from app library and give your invitation a musical flavor.

3. Customize SMS card to include details about  occasion, date and time, google map location of venue  so that no one find it difficult to reach venue. and this SMS card will be saved in receivers mobile for quick reference anytime.

4. Manage different groups for different functions.

5. Instant reports. See reports of your invitation just in time to make you aware who have listened to your invitation message and who just missed it.

Invitation Campaigns
Invitation Calls

SMS Card

One  of powerful feature of Instaphone is SMS card. By including SMS card in your invitation you can share following details through SMS along with voice invitation.

1.  Description about the event for which invitation is being sent.

2. Option to select and include google location link of venue in SMS  so that no one find it difficult to reach event venue.

3. Selecting event date and time to be included in SMS.

4. One can include link of e-card or video link of invitation.

A preview of SMS is always that at bottom for you to see how it looks like.